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Learning Circle

One of the primary tools that I use personally and with my clients is called the “Learning Circle”. For the visual learner, combining a picture with words is a great way to make tools stick in the mind. 



“X” marks the spot, so the saying goes. In this case “X” is any event that grabs your attention, whether good or bad. Kairos is a Greek word that refers to time. But not the kind of time we measure with a clock or calendar. Kairos is a special moment when it feels like time is standing still. It could be a mental eureka sensation where you have a creative surge or a moment when you feel something special. Often we’re so busy we ignore these thoughts and feelings and keep moving in the same direction. However, when these moments occur, it’s helpful to take a detour and do these 6 steps. 

Observe, Reflect, Discuss, Plan, Accountability & Act


There are 2 words in the middle of the circle - Repent & Believe. Repent means to change direction, Believe means to put into practice. Changing the way we think and putting those beliefs into practice are the foundation for healthy living.


This is one of the foundational tools that we will use in our time together. Many thanks to Mike Breen for introducing this "Life Shape" to me!

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