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Belief Assessment

Albert Ellis did some research in the mid-1950s and discovered that there is a connection between what we believe and the kind of life we live. No surprise right? The questions below will help you see how you compare to research that has been done.

As you read each statement, decide whether you agree or disagree. In some cases, it may not be 100% either way. I find it helpful in those situations to use percentages.  

Cognitive Behavior Therapy was developed empirically through studies on patients with depression. Their research determined that all of these beliefs listed are irrational. That is to say - not true. The good news is that there is a process to gradually change your beliefs to become more and more rational over time! I have used this tool in my own life and the lives of others to relieve not only depression but other self-defeating emotions and behaviors. Here's a short animated video that will give an idea of how new beliefs can change how you feel and act.

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